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Dating Old Pianos Speed dating rancho cucamonga ### poptrayu. Organs and melodeons usually have this information stamped inside the cabinet, sometimes on handwritten tags or stickers. Leaves the show dating old pianos President Barack Obama's top, both helped each dead end dating books been married for approx years.

FAQs Antique Piano Sometimes pianos and organs mht show the name of a distributor or retailer on the area above the keyboard instead of the name of the actual manufacturer. Soundboard areas vary with the size of various pianos, but consider for example a board with an area of 4,000 square inches, counting both surfaces.

Dating Pianos Square Piano Tech Grand and square grand pianos usually have the information stamped on the soundboard or plate, as well as stamped on the top of each leg, pedal lyre, etc. Invariably we come before a square piano and want to know how old it is. Generally, the most satisfying answer would take us to an exact year.

Piano Serial Numbers Search - Find the Age & History of. Restoration is not cheap, but it is necessary to make any instrument worth top dollar. Piano serial numbers help to identify the age of your piano and the history surrounding its. On older pianos. some dating back to the early ehteen.

Steinway Manufacturing Serial Numbers It is important to point out that patent dates, dates that companies were established, etc., are What is my antique piano or organ worth? Every Piano Is Unique. No two Steinway pianos have the same serial number. Each number assned desnates an individual to be loved and cherished for generations.

Numbers - pianohistory Note that in some case when instruments are more rare or obsolete, we may require photos in order to help establish the age of your instrument.*While searching for your serial number and brand name, you will likely find various dates and patents listed inside your instrument. Boyd pianos were not all made by Boyd, and dating them purely by serial numbers is not reliable, no complete lists are published. 1907 #23,886. 1911?

Kurtzmann Piano Serial Number - Website of kohitito! Also, if a piano has ever been nonprofessionally stripped or refinished, chances are that the orinal name decal above the keyboard was removed with the old finish (these name decals are replaced when professionally refinished). Kurtzmann piano serial number. KURTZMANN Manfacturing information for Kurtzmann Pianos Grand and Baby Grand Pianos, including company history.

Identify Instrument The Antique When searching for the brand name of your instrument, keep in mind that the actual manufacturer's name generally appears inside the instrument, and can sometimes be different than the name that appears on the front of the instrument near the keyboard. Identify Instrument. It is exceedingly rare that we see an uprht piano dating prior to 1870 come through our. Pianos with birdcage action are very.

Piano Calculator - 1000's Of Piano The most accurate way to determine the age of your instrument is by its brand name and serial number. Online Piano Valuations for 1000's of Piano Brands & Models. Piano Age Calculator with Serial Number Records from the Worlds Largest Online Piano Database.

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